Little Crab Fisher

A clicker-style crab fishing game based in a fantasy world. Collect mythical crabs, travel the high seas, and upgrade your ship. A fun-filled adventure awaits! 

Welcome to Little Crab Fisher, the playful clicker adventure game that takes you on a journey through the Crustacean Sea!

Step aboard and get ready to explore the vast, cartoonish world of Little Crab Fisher. Set sail on your own customizable vessel and navigate the sea, all while putting your fishing skills to the test.

With unlockable islands, Little Crab Fisher offers a simple yet intriguing story that will lead you to uncover the secrets of the Crustacean Sea. Collect achievements along the way as you complete challenges and unlock new items and themes to customize your boat.

But the real thrill of the game is discovering and collecting the mythical crabs that are scattered throughout the sea. With a unique mythical crab at each location, the journey to collect them all is sure to keep you hooked. Sell your catch to upgrade your boat and unlock even more features to enhance your gameplay.

In addition to fishing for crabs and collecting mythical creatures, Little Crab Fisher offers even more excitement with the chance to discover pirate treasure hidden throughout the Crustacean Sea. And if that's not enough, keep an eye out for feeder storms that lure more crabs to the area. Chase them down and increase your catch!

While frantically harvesting crabs can be enjoyable, keep in mind there might be something mysterious lurking in these depths.

Put on your finest sailor's hat and come join the fun. Experience the exciting world of Little Crab Fisher!